Stained Glass Art Gets Functional

Hello 2017 and all my people out there....after a year off from my studio our beloved Hal is doing so great. He had a stem cell transplant in August and the Doctors are amazed at his positive vibes and amazing healing. NO CANCER!!!! So we are slowly on the road again, doing art shows and I am in the swing of working on some amazing custom orders for clients. Please feel free to contact me for any artwork you may be in the market for, either what I have made already or a custom piece for that special place in your home or office.

Other shows are pending and I will be updating you as I find out. So make sure stay in touch and feel free to email or text me and LIKE ME ON FACEBOOK SO WE CAN BE FRIENDS!!!!! Thank you for hanging in there with me and I cannot wait to reconnect with you all!

In Love & Light,

Christine and Hal


I am so excited to share my accomplishment this year at the Indian Wells Art Show in Indian Wells, CA. 
I was awarded 2nd place in the glass category. Thank You so much to the Art Council who voted for me. I am extremely blessed to be able to create beautiful and unique one of a kind pieces of ART from my soul to yours!
God Bless

"Art washes away the dust of everyday life" George Bernard Shaw


 Words from my awesome clients
"Dear Christine and Hal,

Rick and I are so thrilled with the magnificent glass piece that created for
us.  We "think" that is the final piece to be added to our home; it
certainly is the most spectacular!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your gift to us; we love it.  We
are also so pleased to be getting to know you two.  As you know, your room
is ready when you need it.

Take good care.  Good luck with all your adventures.

Write when you have a chance.

Susie and Rick"


Fire Place Screen

 Putting an idea down on paper and having it come alive through the medium of glass is an amazing process.  For over 25 years I have loved creating one-of-a-kind functional art for today's lifestyle... just as nature does not create any two things alike it is not my nature to do any form of production work. Today's lifestyle is fun, relaxed, unique and very individual. It's art to live with.

I love to customize my pieces so that they brighten or liven up people's lives, creating a unique piece of functional art for your
everyday living.

I specialize in using nature as a constant source of inspiration... sometimes being sharply focused and other times diffused and swirling. And as always each piece takes on a life and soul of its own. My hope is to capture your imagination and make you smile. I create from my heart and believe it's what you have on the inside that counts. As George Bernard Shaw said, "You use a mirror to see your face; you use the arts to see your soul."



His spirit is everywhere... thank you... and God Bless.


Christine Charter Moorhead
Glass Art Design Studio