Artist Statement

Putting an idea down on paper and have it come alive through the medium of glass is a passion. Being hooked on glass since 1978 I am always amazed with the outcome. Using Mother Nature as a constant source of inspiration, I try to convey a soulful quality with texture and harmony, By adding sticks, stones, beads, found objects as well as metal workings, these elements help to tell a story....evoke an emotion... capture your imagination and to make you smile. Each piece takes on a life and soul of its own. George Bernard Shaw said, "YOU USE A MIRROR TO SEE YOUR FACE AND THE ARTS TO SEE YOUR SOUL." As an artist in the growing field of glass art, I will continue to create calligraphy of light and color so that you may experience the wonderful qualities of glass, nurturing your spirit and balancing it with illusion.

Typing the Art world one key stroke at a time

His spirit is everywhere...thank you...and many Blessings to you, the happiness in your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts......

Sincerely, Christine Charter Moorhead Glass Art Design Studio

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