My newest and latest Commission designed and delivered to Indian Wells, CA

Outdoor Front Porch Lights. They really turned out beautiful!

Custom Commission by Christine Charter Moorhead


CCM Glass Art is dedicated to the tradition of craftsmanship as an art. We create unique, original designs of exceptional quality - windows, lamps, screens, and doors are our specialties. We strive to unite each client with their specific needs, so that each piece becomes harmonious with your environment.

Each commission is treated so that the strong aesthetic appeal of each piece explores the medium of light and color. Creating art to fit your space is important to us. With site visits and client collaboration we ensure a unique work of art whose beauty is limited only by your imagination.


Our mission is to uplift and glorify your life with glass art. By adding elements with a three-dimensional quality to this two-dimensional medium, each piece takes on a strong visual texture. Each piece is carefully designed with hand picked glass to enrich your space with beautiful light and color.

We make an unlimited variety of designs with exotic woods, metals and glass to fit your individual taste. Consultation, design, and installation are all important parts of our process.

Our techniques are mainly copper foil with structured support of solid copper to enrich and strengthen each design. We happily work with individuals and designers - our goal is to create art from the heart that makes you smile. We welcome your inquiries so please contact us.